Where to Go This Pride Month – Santa Fe, NM

Santa Fe, NM Santa Fe offers a unique and inspired destination for gay travelers. You won’t find a particular gayborhood, or even a specific gay bar for that matter. Santa Fe’s lack of a visible gay scene is one of its best features, because it allows the community to feel at home no matter where they are; it is all about being able to appreciate the fine things in life all together as one community: art, food, and culture. That said, Santa Fe’s artistic community is open and welcoming and LGBT travelers will feel right at home here – the city elected its first openly gay mayor in 2014. All throughout June there will be events like Disco parties, Queer Prom, Drag Bingo and more with the shining star of the month being PRIDE on the Plaza and the PRIDE drive parade, both held on June 24th.

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