Where to Go This Pride Month – Providence, RI

Providence, RI Rhode Island’s capital city, Providence, is known for its hot food scene, spectacular art, and vibrant LGBTQ+ community, making it the perfect place for queer travelers and allies alike to enjoy a weekend getaway. The unofficial gaybourhood of Providence is the artsy downtown and Wickenden Street, a road in the southern part of the city that is filled with antique shops and an old New England vibe is bustling with things to do. The downtown area offers a walkable mix of pubs and clubs, perfect for a bar hopping experience that will be lit all year long. June is LGBTQ+ Pride month and coincidentally the city is often called the gayest capital city, making it the perfect place to celebrate. Rhode Island’s Annual PrideFest Celebration & Illuminated Night Parade is always a vibrant, festive event held in downtown Providence. A celebration of love, respect and joy, Pride is considered one of Providence’s signature events.

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