Jewish Heritage Travel in Poland Oct 2-11, 2023

Over the last several years, Jewish Life Television Host Brad Pomerance has headlined the network’s global travel series Air Land & Sea, where the JLTV team voyages around the world to uncover the trials and tribulations of the Jewish people near and far. Brad is now hosting a ten-day journey to Poland in October 2023 which will include visits to Krakow, Lodz, Lublin, and Warsaw, and one of Brad’s ancestral hometowns, Chmielnik. Noted Polish Historian Dr. Tomasz Cebulski, a highly-respected expert in the history of Polish Jewry, will join Brad during the entire voyage. Travelers will not only discover the history of the Jews of Poland, but will meet Polish Jews that are helping to revitalize Polish Jewry today. Participants will meet members of Krakow’s Jewish community who are supporting Ukrainian refugees displaced after last year’s Russian invasion. Brad invites you to consider joining him on this trip. For more information visit Jewish Heritage Travel in Poland –

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