How to Celebrate Native American Heritage Month in Albuquerque

Native Americans have inhabited the region now known as New Mexico for thousands of years, and their presence is felt throughout the state. This culture is reflected in nearly every aspect of life within Albuquerque – from the city’s art and architecture to its festivals and culinary traditions. This influence extends into the present day among New Mexico’s 23 Native American pueblos, tribes and nations, ensuring this way of life continues to endure. Locals and visitors can immerse themselves in Albuquerque’s indigenous culture through the following: Learn about the Pueblo people at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Centerand dine at the Indian Pueblo Kitchen. Explore ancient carvings atPetroglyph National Monument. Shop for Native American art and jewelry at Bien Mur Indian Market CenterPalms Trading Co., the Indian Pueblo Store and many other galleries and stores throughout the city. Experience murals by Native American artists. Enjoy a beer at Bow & Arrow Brewing Co., the first brewery in the country owned by Native American women. Stay at Hotel Chaco, Albuquerque’s newest luxury hotel, built with inspiration from the ancient pueblo culture of Chaco Culture National Historical Park. To learn more or plan your trip to Albuquerque visit

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