Along with the completely brand new hotel, Mount Airy Casino Resort, which was built on the grounds of the Mount Airy Lodge, that quintessential Pocono Mountain hotel known from its heyday in the 50s and 60s, comes a 21st century marketing outlook: targeting Asian Americans.

Mention Mount Airy to any boomer-aged New Yorker and you might get a spontaneous rendition of their ubiquitous TV commercial jingle, “All you need to bring, is your love of everything. Come to beautiful Mount Airy Lodge.”

Come this summer, a Mount Airy ad is more likely to have a message in Chinese, beckoning visitors to the Casino, where, pending final regulatory approval, table games will be available, including Pai Gow poker, a table game favored by Chinese casino-goers.

The Poconos, long known as a family ski destination and for its honeymoon hotels famous for their heart shaped bathtubs, will now see a pioneering initiative undertaken by Mount Airy as the Casino Resort begins outreach to Asian Americans.

Download the full article: Mount Airy Casino Resort.

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