Missouri has a rich heritage of African American history and tourists to the state are being encouraged to explore it along with the state’s more well known attractions. In an effort to attract African Americans, campaigns from the Missouri Division of Tourism and the efforts of experts like Angela daSilva of the National Black Tourism Network (a full service travel company that specializes in tours of the African Diaspora) highlight the history and rich heritage of African Americans in Missouri.

A 5-day van tour called, “Forgotten Missouri: What the Books Don’t Tell” organized by the National Black Tourism Network (NBTN) highlights and celebrates 250 years of African American history and culture. The tour takes visitors from Kansas City to St. Louis with stops in between. A resource binder compiled by Angela daSilva includes excellent information for travelers. The tour will be repeated in 2006 in the Spring and Fall.

Download the Full Article: The National Black Tourism Network: Little Known Missouri

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